Where Wildlife Roam

I watched a show about it on a PBS broadcast,
but I have not been to Yellowstone
or many other National Parks where wildlife roam,
and I would love to get to our national treasures while wildlife last.
In the meantime, I’m thankful to live for seven months each year
in a place where wildlife still roam —
black bear, fox (one seen just yesterday),
coyote, otters, deer galore
but, unfortunately, no poisonous snakes (at
least not in my county anymore) from a distance to adore.
The other five months are in Arizona where, to mention a few,
there are poisonous (Watch your step.) snakes galore,
and coyote and deer, jackrabbits,
tarantulas, scorpions and javelina — sows, piglets and boars.
My wife and I are thankful to be able still to enjoy flora and fauna diversity
and we have a bucket list of our wonderful National Parks to see,
so, United States Congress and the (Probably Fake) Federal Administration,
please keep your greedy, privatizing mitts off of all that public natural beauty — the treasure of our nation.

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