Thoughts on the Present Political Situation in No Particular Order

Thoughts on the present political situation in no particular order:

They are trying a last-ditch effort to keep
the power in the hands of the angry, aging,
decreasing white population.

They are trying to reverse everything
President Obama accomplished on behalf
of the American public during his eight
years in office.

They are entering uncharted territory
in international conflicts with potentially
disastrous, including nuclear, results.

They are trying to give the top 1% of the
economically advantaged even more money
at the expense of the middle class and

They are backing off on school loan
leniency, attempting to apply severe
penalties and trying to eliminate federal

They are trying to cut the federal education
budget while they are trying to get federal
funding for private school education, which
is smoke and mirrors for trying to bring back
racist segregated/separate but unequal education.

They are deporting people for small
traffic violations.

They are restricting the immigration of
people based on religion.

They are sending the dreamers back to Mexico.

They are trying to throw twenty-some
million people off health care.

They are trying to send Medicaid recipients
back to emergency rooms as the only way
to stay alive at an enormous expense to
all those who are fortunate enough to
have insurance, thus skyrocketing their

They are rescinding LGBT rights.

They are pulling back on women’s rights.

And so unbelievably, hugely significant,
they are eliminating environmental
regulations which affect all life on
planet earth.

They are backing off of regulations on
banks which will create conditions
for another economic bubble which
when it breaks, as it surely will,
will plunge us into another economic
recession to challenge that of the
Great Depression not unlike the 2008
recession, which Obama helped us avoid.

(Space for adding your own thoughts)

And why?

Because you, whoever you are, couldn’t
be bothered to vote in the fragile
democratic institution completely
dependent on our votes to survive.

Because you didn’t vote because Bernie
wasn’t on the ticket and you were mad
at the establishment.

Because you voted your conscience as
an environmentally concerned person
by voting for the Green Party candidate
who didn’t have a ghost of a chance of
winning, but you were going to make a
statement come hell or high water,
both of which have now come about
politically and as the planet warms.

Because the Green Party candidate had
too much ego involved in the election
to see, excuse the pun, the forest for
the trees, and if she had withdrawn,
would have guaranteed the election
to the person who still would have
done things to help the environment
instead of the one who is doing every-
thing to further damage the environment.

(Space for adding your own thoughts)


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