A Heroic Task Perhaps Even Beyond the Skill of the Bard

As an old English major, he wishes 
	he had had more courses in Shake-
speare’s tragedies in order to help 
	explain Trump. Hamlet, the indecisive 
Dane who sees ghosts? Macbeth,
	the victim of his own ambitions and 
blind-sightedness to the villainy of his wife? 
	Lear, the aged victim of his own 
blind-sightedness regarding two of 
	his three daughters’ machinations?
The misguided, insanely jealous Othello?
        Or Trump, the infantile, egomaniacal, 
narcissistic, sociopathic, not to mention 
        delusional and vindictive father of very, 
privileged, careless children? Perhaps this 
        being the most tragic because all the 
others had a flaw which brought their demise 
        but this having no redeeming features to 
go with a flaw and all flaws to go with no 
        redeeming features and so looking to the 
tragedies might be the wrong place. Perhaps the 
        histories and the comedies featuring Sir 
John Falstaff, except that would be such an 
        insult to Sir John, the pal and foil for 
Prince Hal, the outcast to King Henry V, the 
        buffoon of the Merry Wives of Windsor, but 
still one with so much more humor, humanity and 
        lovableness than the self-proclaimed 
Sir Donald. Farce perhaps? Monty Python?

3 thoughts on “A Heroic Task Perhaps Even Beyond the Skill of the Bard

  1. Well done! I also thought of Monty Python….you know, the King riding around on a stick horse and announcing the charge: “Run away, run away!”

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