The Era of Trump and the Threat to Our Democracy

The era of Trump is bringing to light more and more anti-democratic machinations that have been going on in billionaire circles and solidifying now with this hapless president and are moving us closer and closer not only to significant threat to our constitutional democracy but the very destruction of that cherished institution.

I have for ever so long taken a middle of the road approach to American economics seeing the need for socialistic checks and balances against the worst instincts of capitalism while affirming our Republican form of democracy and government by constitutional law, but this relentless assault from the radical, economic right within our own country may force me farther to the left, still never a Communist because it is a failed political system and totally anti-democratic with power and ownership concentrated in the state.

The difference between Communism and Totalitarian Capitalism (which is a distinct possibility within our country) is that one puts the power completely in the hands of the state and the other puts the power completely in the hands of the state, which is then completely at the mercy and in the hands of the billionaires, the 1% of 1%, which if you will indulge me, is what has always happened to Communism.

If I can thank Trump-ism for anything, it is providing the opportunity to see what has been going on, unfortunately, for a long time in undermining our democratic republic.

This is from a friend and ever so important :


Mother Teresa’s message was, “Calcutta is everywhere, if we only have eyes to see.”
— Shane Claiborne

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