The Trump Tower Laundromat*

The Trump Tower Laundromat is
so dirty from the job of keeping
Russian money clean,
legitimate customers are
never ever seen.
We can only hope the laundromat
will soon be shut down
by the Special Investigator’s
“follow the dirty money,”
cleaning machine.
Then our collective national ear
might be ever so grateful to hear,
Jefferson Beauregard, among
so many others in fear,
asking, “Pardon me, soon to be former
President Trump. Could you spare a dime
so I can pay my lawyers and the fine
for my high misdemeanors
and crime?”
Mr. Trump, one to welsh
on most but never the Russians,
said, “I think a Lincoln
penny would do just fine.
Oh, by the way,
did you know that Lincoln
is a Republican, who
(like Frederick Douglass–
of course, both friends of mine
who think I’m great)
is doing just fine?”

*coined from the title of an article
in the July, 13 New Republic.

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