All About Love

The six-year old, tow-headed
Boy with a hand-held wood
Cross, got in the 1950 Dodge.
As they drove away, his
Father asked how vacation
Bible school was. “Fine.”
“What do you have in your
Hand?” “A little cross.” “I
Saw writing on it. Can you
Read what it says?” “Yes,”
The little boy said excitedly,
“Jesus paid it all.” “What
Did he pay?” his agnostic
Father asked. “I don’t know,”
The boy said timidly. “Well,
Neither do I,” the father said
As they pulled up to the curb
And his father let him out
By the front door. “Have a
Nice day, son. I love you.”
The father watched until
The boy was in the house.
Years and years and years
Later the little boy would
Learn that it isn’t about
A debt but all about love.
He still misses his father.

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