Defaming Vultures and Blaming God

We don’t hear of massive death
toll hikes for the animal world
when a natural disaster strikes.
In immediate anticipation,
noses twitch, eyes dart and
ears perk. Everything is on
high alert. It’s time to run down
the mountain, an avalanche
will advance; it’s time to run
to the side, here comes a mud
slide; it’s time to head for
the hole, here comes a tornado;
it’s time to flee, here comes a
tsunami. The animals don’t build
their homes in harm’s way; out
of harm’s way they stay. The
animals don’t call natural
danger an Act of God’s anger;
they just come quickly to their
senses while we just go our
merry way senses dull as rusty
saws and we continue to play
and when tragedy strikes,
Vulture capitalists defraud
by blaming it on God.

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