Better To Read a Mystery*

Better to read of the 
dysfunction in the mystery 
because the dysfunction will be 
and we need some kind 
of resolution, conclusion 
for which to hope --
a denouement when evil 
the weight of 
investigative determination –
        a breath, a sigh, 
not of resignation but resolve, 
all there within two-hundred-thirty-five 
pages and umpteen three-page chapters, 
		not like the ferris wheel of dysfunction, 
                          the ouroboros 
                        just rollin' down 
                     slapped along the midway
                     by a magician's wand at 
                      the perpetual carnival,
           barking, barking, barking, barking, barking 
                      like the neighbor’s dog 
		      at three in the morning,
and you are feeling helpless to do anything, anything at all, 
about it except scream behind a locked, glass sliding door.

*gratitude to Tom Eggebeen for the idea.

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