In His Right Mind — A Musing

The church school class was having
a heated discussion on homosexuality.
The pastor, the moderator, raised his
left hand, “See which hand I’m raising?
It’s my left hand. I’m left-handed.
I didn’t ask to be left-handed. It
hasn’t always been easy being left-
handed in a right-handed world. Just
think about scissors. I’m kidding. The
dictionary definition of sinister is
left-handedness. Lefties have had a
tough way to go historically. Now,
no one thinks a thing about it. It’s
the way God made me and, thank God,
my parents didn’t try to change me
over to being right-handed. Schools
automatically did that because ed-
ucation is geared to right-handed-
ness, and I’m grateful for that ed-
ucation, because, to succeed, I had
to learn to use both sides of my brain,
so you see, we left-handers have an
advantage. But, make no mistake, be-
cause God doesn’t make mistakes and
God made me this way. I’m left handed,
through and through, and I love being
left-handed, if for no other reason,
because I’m one of only ten percent
in their right mind.”

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