Fetch, Boy, Fetch — Knowing the Lay of the Land or Sea

The micro-brewery is located in an old
bank building. The vault has pennies
embedded in the floor. The safe’s

door is left open, of course, and people
can sit in there sipping their brews and
straining to see the dates on the coins.

The brewery is named Fetch and the
vacationers just knew the owners were
dog lovers. Excitedly, they sat at the

bar and told the bartender that they,
too, were dog lovers, especially lab
lovers. The bartender just smiled at

them. “So, the owners are dog lovers.
We are, too.” “I don’t think they have
a dog. I don’t think they have anything

against dogs, but I have never thought
of them as dog lovers.” “But the name –
Fetch; surely they are dog lovers as in

‘Fetch, boy, fetch.’” “Actually, a fetch
is a kind of wave that is generated by
wind blowing in a constant direction.

They are water lovers; they have a sail-
boat named Fetch and sometimes when
they are riding a fetch, they will say,

‘Fetch, boy, fetch.’ This is a seaside
town. People love their boats.” “Right.”
The couple wandered off to the bank

vault to sip their brews and count pen-
nies and strain to see the dates and
make sure the bank vault door doesn’t close.

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