Numbers Three and Nine

How can the White House Press Secretary,
an evangelical, Southern Baptist devotee,
devote time defending the slime
that issues forth from the president’s mouth all the time?
For her lies upon his lies, does she ever repent?
Or does she think she’s fine because one day she’ll be heaven-bent?
Do her actions now not count,
believing the truth she can just flaunt?
Will someone please send her the Ten Commandments,
so she can look up numbers three and nine,
about her taking the Lord’s name in vain and
her bearing false witness time after time?
Perhaps, she should speak with her dad, the preacher.
He may have a few things to teach her,
or maybe not.
When he campaigned for office, he probably lied a lot.
Perhaps they should convert and make for the confessionals
and stop their corrupt ways as political professionals.

1 thought on “Numbers Three and Nine

  1. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree … sadly, for Mike Huckabee, the line between being a Southern Baptist preacher and a carnival barker has long since vanished … he’s spent a lifetime telling lies, and now his daughter … lies are all part of the program. Check out news about his son; they’re all a bunch of scumbags.

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