American Christianity is Just Crazy

Fifty percent of American Christians
believe that the poor are poor because
they are lazy
and it must make Jesus crazy,
because their Lord was born poor,
lived with the poor
and urged his followers to care for the poor
who were the victims of the powers that be,
so, how can this be?
Compassionless, selective readers of the Proverbs
they must be,
deniers of the prophets and
deaf to the beatitudes
and parables they surely be.
It’s just crazy.
It’s called apostasy
and those purveyors of heretical
“individual salvation in Jesus Christ”
believers don’t even know
what that may be
or even that they be guilty.
American Christianity is just crazy.

2 thoughts on “American Christianity is Just Crazy

  1. A tragedy here with evangelicals … makes no sense whatsoever … but when you start with yourself, which is the case with “conversion” christianity, the self only grows darker. Thanks for putting this to poetry.

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