I Once Had a Dog

I had a dog, actually a dog for
my kids but you know how it

is with little kids. I got it;
I had to take care of it and so

I tried. He was a really cute —
half dachshund, half beagle

and I never won a discussion.
For fifteen years he had a very

strong personality and I didn’t
know squat about caring for a

dog so I didn’t do a very good
job, in fact, doing a very bad

job, and I can only hope that
when I reach the pearly gates

to heaven and, as a friend once
said, the little dog will be there

to confront me, I can only hope
he is more forgiving than I was

when he was our family dog
for all those years of my

continuing shame. It’s one thing
to mistreat a human, but a dog?

For shame, for shame, for shame.

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