The Magificent Mystery

Something like the last half-second
of the last-minute of the last hour
of the last day of the last week and

so goes the timeline of how much
time humanoids have occupied
the universe since the beginning

of time. The theological professor
wrote that she hoped we realized
we came from the earth (humus)

and therefore humanity (from the
same root) should exhibit humility
(from the same root) not hubris as

an appropriate posture for now
and the precarious future. She
had no illusions about the future

existence of humanity (from the
same root) let alone the earth
(humus). She simply placed faith

in the mysterious love of God and
left the rest to poets to write
metaphors and similes about a new

heaven and earth (from the same
root) while willing to live for
however short a time in —

The Magnificent Mystery that is Thine.

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