She was going to wait until
After Labor Day weekend
And then a week of camping

To drop off four mixed-media
Sculptures at the new gallery
Fifty miles north and then she

Decided to dig in because the
Summer was rapidly drifting
Away and tourists would soon

Depart for parts south and so
She worked feverishly on the
One, wild one she envisioned

To go with the gracious, stately
Only somewhat wild ones. On
Friday of Labor Day weekend,

The couple drove north and
Dropped off the four works
Of art. The gallery owner

Was ecstatic when she saw the
Four and the couple drove home
Slowly on a back road, stopping

Off at one of their favorite
Roadhouse restaurants to
Celebrate wedding anniversary

# twenty-two. The drinks were
Fine and they always split a
Meal. Over dinner they discussed

All the house expenses and
promised that Montreal and
Quebec City would be great

Next year, which they have
Been promising since before
Anniversary # twenty.

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