It’s Monday Evening

It’s Monday evening (feeling like Sunday
evening) of Labor Day Weekend and the
family of seven is well on their way

back to Chicago (sorry, I forgot they
were on their way back to Chicago, so
they may not be well on their way, but

they, according to our perspective, are
well on their way), but we aren’t (on our
way back to Chicago, that is). We are

those who were visited, in part, because
we have direct access to the beach of
Lake Michigan but here we are sharing

a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and waiting
for PBS (World) to come on with mysteries
from Europe and Scandinavia with subtitles,

which kind of remind us of the foreign
films we saw at the art theater in
Hyde Park near the University of Chicago

back in the day when we were in jr.
college in a south suburb. The problem
is that we are so tired we will not

be able to stay awake beyond Chris
Hayes on MSNBC to watch the docu-
mentary and the mystery.

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