Why Did You Leave So Soon?

Buddy, why did you have to leave
so soon? I thought we had a pre-
nuptial where you promised to stick
around for three more years until I
was old enough not to get another
dog but now it’s three years too
soon and I have no idea what to
do. Give me a clue. We like the
freedom of not having to get up
so early in the morning to take
you out to do your business and
then feed you, but we miss you so
— the looks of utter, uncondition-
al love, your silken, brown eyes
making us sigh, your wagging tail
telling us how much we could never
fail you, you, you, our beautiful,
loving chocolate lab. If we make
a mistake and stop by the local
humane society as we have three
times before, promise me you won’t
be there to stare into our eyes
with your loving, longing, un-
conditional, beautiful, brown eyes.
Promise, Buddy Baloo? Promise,
beautiful boy? Promise?

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