Fraud and a Little Boy’s Cry

Gloss over substance, because you
don’t know the substantive, by
sounding professorial, knowledge-

able, assured — intellectual.
Unfortunately for you, Mister
Strangelove, there are plenty of

people around who know their
history and are setting the record
straight. Oh, you of artificial,

stentorian voice when trying to
make something silly sound plaus-
ible, beware plainspoken President

Lincoln, “You can’t fool all the
people all of the time,” so be happy
with the 38% approval rating your

equally silly former boss gets
and you probably get, because
eventually the interviews will

stop and your crackpot ideas will
fade like your TV makeup fades
revealing all those obscene

blotches of a dissipated life,
and, as always, a little boy
beneath the cake makeup cries,

“Please love me.”

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