Two Hells

Okay, we now have hell on earth
because of the worst hurricane
in recorded history and the soft
porn, faux-news channel hosts
a perky blond interviewing a
perky blond in Florida both
offering Botox, pouty-lipped
sympathy for the truly des-
perate inhabitants of the Keys
and mainland and guys watching
aren’t thinking about the devast-
ation and human misery; they’re
thinking about how much they
would love, in their working class
dreams, to get the celebrity blonds
in bed or at least on their knees
and the executives smile knowing
that for them, that’s just part of
the deal and, oh yeah, it’s really
good for ratings.

1 thought on “Two Hells

  1. How about a long poem about women’s issues, equality, short skirts and exposed bosoms while sitting next to a man in a white shirt, tie, coat? Foxy?

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