You Go, Girl!

Jimmy Carter lost a humiliating
decision to Ronald Reagan to
lose a second term as president.
It can be argued that he wasn’t
the most effective president;
after all he was a micro-managing
engineer by training but who can
doubt that he has been the greatest
ex-president in history? And so,
Hillary, buck up. You would have
been crucified if you had won;
the Republican Congress would
have impeded your every move,
the Right-wingers would have
been all over you all the time,
the misogynists would have
screamed bloody-murder at you
constantly, so maybe you should
count yourself fortunate and
gather all your significant
acumen and talents and do
something else significant for
the nation, as only you could
do. And as a male senior citizen,
I hope this is okay to say,
“You go, girl!”

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