There Is A Difference

There is a difference between
controlling people and controlling

one’s environment he tells people
when they think he is a control freak.

He has no need to control people,
in fact, it’s morally repugnant to

him even to think about controlling
people. He has enough trouble control-

ling himself, but, sometimes control-
ling one’s environment, like control-

ling a line break which entails break-
ing up words (as he just did four

lines in a row, hopefully at approved
places more often than not, but, still

it is the poet’s prerogative) entails
negotiating with others who might be

impinging on that environment. To wit,
losing control over one’s living space

to relatives. He leaves it to you to
fill in the blanks with personal

experiences. He can’t wrap his brain
around the idea of driver-less cars.

Why, he asks himself. Hands off the
wheel? Are you kidding? Friends tell

him that when the time comes, he
should sit in the back seat of the

driver-less car so as not to grab
the wheel and make real trouble for

himself and others. THE BACK SEAT, he
screams to himself. See the difference?

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