We Whites Are Expanding as We Are Diminishing

We are expanding “America First”
with fear, fear of anything not familiar
to those who have lived with privilege
coming from Europe. We are going

back to fight or flight with fear
dictating and exceeding our self-
congratulatory sophistication that
we need to posture us vs. them with

us being in power but motivated by
fear and anger and little white boys
and girls wetting their pants and cry-
ing bloody murder for someone to

change the dirty diapers. We haven’t
had scapegoats since Jesus was the
ultimate scapegoat for all of humanity
so all of humanity could live in unity,

justice and peace, but tell that to
the Christian, evangelical working class,
white, privileged (yes, that’s right,
privileged because all whites are

privileged in comparison to all others)
whites who just point at blacks, browns,
yellows and reds and cry bah, bah, bah,
all the way home and look forward

to the white St. Peter to greet them
at the pearly gates and welcome them
in to meet and greet the white god at
which time they will be introduced to

the joke on them and that their white
god actually carries a pitch fork,
wears a black cape and has pointy
ears, ironically someone who they

don’t recognize as anyone they
know but who says, “Oh, my
children, I am your daddy. Well
done thou good and faithful

servants; enter into your reward.”


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