Regardless of the race baiting,
Regardless of the (p)resident’s 
Regardless of the GOP’s last 
	ditch effort to sabotage 
	the Affordable Care Act, 
Regardless of the going no-
	where tax reform,
Regardless of the Supreme
	Courts’ upcoming verdict
	on excluding Muslims, 
Half of the world may very
	well be obliterated (squashed
	like despised bugs and 
	exterminated like rats 
	in the sewers and alleys
	of Chicago),
In places like North and South
	Korea, Japan, Australia and 
	countless inhabited islands
With radioactivity (more deadly 
	than all the rattlers, coral
        snakes, Copperheads in the world) 
	snaking throughout the 
	rest of the world like a 
        dystopian novel squirming 
        into birth causing births to 
        stop by the grace of God because 
        the births would have been 
        something out of a horror movie.
Triggering the end of the world
	as decided by only two 
	crazy people, one of whom 
	is the elected (p)resident of 
	the United States.

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