Good For Us, Through and Through

With the death of our
dog Buddy Baloo,
a part of my heart
went along, too.

Little did I know
his presence kept
me from the flu.

We don’t live on a farm
as those who do
know and knew
that animal germs
keep us healthy, too.

Or maybe they didn’t know;
they just benefitted from
the bacteria all over their
animal crew.

But now, thanks to science,
we do.

So, when we adopt a dog,
which, again, we probably
will do,

we’re bringing the farm
into our newly acquired,
enlightened, healthy

So, dear old Buddy Baloo
wasn’t just good for our
emotions and spirits, too.

His germs were good
for our lungs,
circulatory system and,
in point of fact, our lives
through and through.

Excuse me, I feel a cold
coming on.

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