{During a barbecue picnic}

During a barbecue picnic
Indoor around a formal
Dining room table with
Embroidered, cloth

Napkins, the host let it
Slip that almost a quarter
Of a century ago, in the
Immediate aftermath of

The death of the guest’s
Wife, the guest’s daughter
Told a friend of the host
That the guest wasn’t nice

At all to his late wife.
Instantly, a quarter of a
Century collapsed and the
Guest was transported back

To his life’s great misery.
In that upsetting moment,
The guest thought that
His daughter, at that time

Nearly a quarter century
Ago, was distraught at the
Sudden, tragic death of
Her mother and needed

Someone to blame, but
The guest, being someone
Who wore shame like a
Purple Heart, thought to

Himself, guilty as charged
And it seemed as though
All the therapy he had
Had in the aftermath of

The tragedy flew out the
Window and was carried
Away by a warm, fall breeze.
After he said his goodbyes

To the host and as he walked
Outside, he wished that the
Picnic had been outside in
The beautiful fall weather

With a gentle breeze causing
The paper napkins to flutter
But not blow away. Maybe,
Under those circumstances,

The guest thought, the host
Might not have let it slip
And the guest wouldn’t be
Thinking dreadful thoughts

On an otherwise beautiful,
Fall day with a breeze
Blowing gently in his face
As he walked to his car.

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