My Sociopathic Life Coach

He offered to give me vocational
Preference tests following the Big
Grief because I didn’t know if I

Could stay in my job. After three
Such tests, he asked, sarcastically,
If I were lacking in self-confidence.

I responded, No. I didn’t mention
Shame and guilt. That would be for
The therapist’s couch. He said he

Would do anything he could to help
Me. He was funny. He made me
Laugh. And then at the Board of

Directors’ meeting he just flat-out
Betrayed me for the approval of the
Board. I stared at him. He never

Looked at me. Eventually, he went
To jail on an unrelated matter.
Vengeance is mine, saith the

Lord. I couldn’t help liking him,
Though. He had a great sense of
Humor. I still chuckle at the thought

Of him a quarter of a century later.
He was a charmer. Things worked
Out for me. I hope he’s okay.

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