Flushing at a Remembrance

After centuries of dualistic dismissal, religion is finally
ready to befriend the wisdom of science. And science is
regaining the humility to recognize that the intuitions
and metaphors of religion were not as naïve as they once
imagined. We were both in our own way trying honestly to
name our experience.*

As he read the meditation, he thought
of his “God of the Gaps” days when he
surely should have known better but
was behind the eight ball, so to speak,
in philosophical theology. Catching up
would come after an embarrassing
experience when a campus ministry
colleague laughingly blurted out the
accusatory comment in a staff meeting.
Humiliation can be a great impetus to
research and learning he thought. He
still flushes and gets a little warm
at the remembrance. He knows he owes
much to his pre and post doctoral
studies at his other alma mater, The
School of Hard Knocks.

*Richard Rohr, Daily Meditations, October 22, 2017

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