Are Muslims the New Shibboleth?

What is scaring Americans 
     so badly right now -- today?
Are whites scared of blacks, 
     browns, yellows and reds?
Something is really exploiting 
     white fear? Could it be that white 
evangelicals believe scientific-
     ally unprovable things to be 
literal, gospel truth and therefore 
     believe anything that comes 
out of the mouth of the parallel 
     universe, fantasyland, “What me
worry” (p)resident is gospel 
     also?  And so it is. How a rational
human goes along with all 
     this is mind-boggling. Maybe 
the precipitating horror is the 
     influx of Middle-Eastern Muslims 
into Northern European society
     as today’s Invasion of the 
Body Snatchers,  --  more browns 
     about which to be afraid, 
afraid, afraid -- the zombie attack,
     seriously? Kill the Muslims to hurry 
along Jesus' parousia. Seriously? 
     Public education as Antichrist's playground. 
It used to be Italians, Irish, Swedes,
     Poles, the Dutch? (They weren’t 
considered much.) Jews, Jews, 
     yes, of course, always the Jews
apparently, sickeningly  so….so? 
     You want to make an issue out 
of it here right now, after which 
     the really scared twenty-something 
skin head, white supremacist 
     reached for something seen really, 
really right now today -- a gun 
     (I’m only kidding.) maybe not
or maybe….

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