The Seasons Have Their Own Reasons

The leaves fluttered
and the colors of the leaves
as they turned and swirled
in the breeze,
but then the jealous northern
winds whipped
and the temperature plunged
and stayed and stayed and stayed
in Michigan for days
and the air turned to a haze
and then the sleet flew
and snows grew
and fall fell in
unlike the autumns of
Kentucky where
zephyr breezes
blew gently through
the trees
and the colors teased
for weeks and weeks
before the first freeze,
which, in its own way,
was not mean and
did not squeeze
the life out of the
Then winter arrived
and, in Kentucky, it
was wet and people
simply would abide
and all began
to shiver
with dampness from
the Ohio river.
But in Michigan,
the wind swirled
across the Big Lake
leaving snow upon snow
in its wake — a winter
wonderland it did make
for skiers, sleigh riders
and merry makers.
And so it is, the seasons
have their own reasons
and while one in one space
may offer natural grace,
the other will offer that
grace in another
time and place,
so travel from season
to season from place to place
but if not, make no haste;
be patient; the next season
offers its own grace.


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