If I Lie

Samuel Clemens, in his alter-
ego, said something like, “If
I lie, I have to remember

everything; if I tell the
truth, I don’t have to
remember anything. Telling

the truth is much easier.”
Then there is the malevolent
narcissist who isn’t bothered

by how many times he lies
and there are all the support-
ers of the malevolent narciss-

ist who aren’t malevolent
narcissists but just oppor-
tunistic narcissists who

are scared to death of what
might happen to them in our
faux sacrosanct political

system. Or did the malevolent
narcissist, not smart enough
in spite of his protestations

to the contrary, not have
a clue what was going on
and all the non-malevolent,

just greedy narcissists go
along and ultimately, go
down the political drain

as the malevolent nar-
cissist looks on with a
bewildered gaze,

smile and another lie?

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