There Was and Now There Is

There was a time in their youth
and naivety, they thought they
would be the cure for what ails

the world. Then time passed and
they got older. Some grew up;
some became cynical; some

became starry-eyed; some stayed
the course and learned that they
were not called to cure anything —

that that wasn’t their business but
their vocation was to help heal,
bring together, resolve and that

curing is simply putting a lot of
salt on something perishable and
hanging it up for a long time. And

so, the wisest of the one time
passionate, idealistic, never-
the-less, naïve youth realized

that their calling is quite simple
— witnessing to the divine heal-
ing that comes with concerted

compassion, attentive listening,
mindfulness and holding the hand
of those in need of healing,  in-

cluding those healers folding
their own hands in a posture of
reverence and prayer at their

own need of healing and feel-
ing that universal, relational
healing presence.

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