What Are We Going Through? A Dilemma?

What are we going through? It isn’t easy, especially considering human
nature beginning with the metaphor of scapegoating — of Adam and Eve
and the blaming of male against female and female against snake.

A purge? A catharsis? A newfound freedom? Liberation? Long overdue
empowerment? He did this and he did that — unthinkable, horrible,
acidic, corrosively destructive of fragile lives, predatory
behavior and a patent violation of women’s rights — human

There is sexual exploitation and predation and then, pedophilia, and
there isn’t much doubt about those, but what about harassment and
flirting? What is the definitive definition of sexual harassment?
Saying no?  That certainly must be respected.

Is it all in the eye of the beholder? Is it subjective? Is one woman’s
harassment, another man’s flirting? If he thinks he is flirting and
she says no and he continues, there is no doubt about that, but what
if he stops? Is he still guilty of harassment, if called on the carpet
and the whistle is blown no matter how many years later?

What about incriminating motives made for less than honorable reasons,
perhaps simple vindictiveness for what was experienced erroneously as
harassment years before?

Given our society’s dismal history of dismissal and sexual objectification
of females and historic forgiveness for “boys just being boys,” I will
opt for the courage of females to call out bad, unethical and perhaps
illegal behavior.

And that isn’t even considering sexual harassment and exploitation
and predatory behavior among gays.

What is being called out is all so sordid, but calling it out is
liberating and empowering…except when it’s dead wrong and so
the dilemma is with us and then who do I, an old, white man,
given my demographic’s culpability, think I am even to comment on

Maybe I should just shut-up, but then the thought of the one
false, incriminating, defaming, reputation ruining accusation is
made and I cringe for the falsely accused and then judged in
the unforgiving court of public opinion.

Perhaps, when courts of law are not an option, it comes down
to simple numbers of people (overwhelmingly women) who have
nothing to gain except breaking the chains of false guilt
and fear rising up to dispel society’s umbrage.

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