They Ain’t Sophomores Anymore

All of it has the word “sex” in
it but it doesn’t have anything
to do with the glorious experience.

No, the organ might be used, but
it has everything to do with the
sick thinking in the other organ

sitting inside of the other head
— it’s spelled POWER. It’s all
about the illusion and now that

the power brokers are falling
faster than the leaves of fall
and weeping, weeping, weeping

like weeping willows and wailing
like a bad country-western song
about how sorry, sorry, sorry

they are, I am reminded of my
high school wrestling coach who
when I was found in an obvious

falsehood and saying how truly
sorry, sorry, sorry I was, he,
with a certain smirk on his face,

stated, “Are you truly sorry or
are you simply sorry you were
discovered?” And I was just a

stupid sophomore. Are the former
power brokers just stupid, sopho-
moric sophomores bragging in the

boys’locker room or power brokers
finally being called out by victims
for their unconscionable callous-

ness and disreputable even illegal
not to mention immoral behavior?
They ain’t sophomores anymore.

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