Forsooth, an Honest Guy

In light of a self-incriminating tweet by
the president pertaining to possible ob-
struction of justice, the fired FBI director
tweeted a pithy aphorism by the Buddha,
“Three things cannot be long hidden: the
sun, the moon and the truth.” Forsooth!

Mark Twain wrote that he tells the truth
because lying takes too much work:
“If you tell the truth, you don’t have
to remember anything.” Forsooth!

If I had been around, I would have
voted for Mark Twain for president,
but his real name was Samuel Clemons.
Good heavens!

Mark Twain was considered a nom de plume,
I presume. But a nom de plume is a pseudonym.
Is a pseudonym a phony guy? I thought, for sure,
you were my guy. Did you tell a lie?
Oh, Samuel Clemons, why, oh, why!

Why all the fume about a nom de plume?
Everyone knew the pseudonym was the pseudo-him.
Unlike never the twain shall meet,
Twain and Clemons were one and the same.
How sweet!

Mark Twain for President! He’s too lazy to lie.
Finally an honest guy!

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