A Good Friend Has Told Him

A good friend has told him that
if life circumstances had been
different, the sky would be the

limit on what he could have done.
He could have gone to Ivy League
schools, gotten a Ph.D. from one

of the best divinity schools in the
world and become a distinguished
professor at a top rated school.

He thought about that and thought
about the life circumstances that
he couldn’t change and what he

does with the cards he is dealt
and he smiled and felt really good
as he sat at the table once again

with the cards in front of him
and sunglasses over his eyes and
a smile in his heart for the

support he felt from those who
struggled in a way he never would
and for what he is without any of

the cards and because of that,
the sky could never ever be a
limit on an eternity of gratitude.

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