Four Thousand Miles For What Exactly?

They traveled two thousand miles
on the assurance that the transaction
was a slam dunk and then they got
slammed without a dunk. They sat
in their condo with only the internet
and cable to keep them company
before they had to empty the place,
return the cable boxes which they
will do in two days before embarking
on a return two thousand mile trip.
Buying and selling used to take a
handshake. Now it takes an army
of attorneys and, due to the in-
credible advances in technology,
they now only have to stay on the
line for forty-five minutes before
speaking with a human who will then
begin the game of pass the buck
faster than a hot potato tossed from
camper to camper on a chilly week-
end camping on the closing weekend
of a state park back home, which
makes them homesick just thinking
about it.

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