Kyrie Eleison on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, the holy time,
the blessed time and I’m
having to hit the mute button
on the remote because I
can’t take all the appeal
to jealousy, envy, covetous-
ness on TV commercials not
to mention the mayhem and
murders on programs and
previews of upcoming shows
this Christmas Eve. And
Jesus just shakes his head
and wanders off among the
dispossessed and disen-
francised and illegal
immigrants as his parents
were that first blessed
Christmas Eve, that holy
time, that blessed time
and all I can think to sing
this blessed Christmas Eve
is not Deck the Halls or
the most sad song of all,
Have Yourself a Merry Little
but Kyrie Eleison,
Christ have mercy, over and
over and over again through
Christmas day and into eternity.

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