To All of the Above

Star in the sky.
Probably not.
Three wise men.
Probably not.
Probably not.
Probably not.
Angels singing.
Probably not.
No room.
Probably not.
Trip to Egypt.
Probably not.
Actually, just “no”
to all of the above.
All for prophesy
fulfilled in
a child from
who would
cosmic glory
(Star and Angels),
universal love
(Wise Men
from the East
and lowly
son of David
liberation of
God’s people
by Moses
(trip to and
from Egypt).
So, did it
Actually, “yes”
to all
of the above.

1 thought on “To All of the Above

  1. Who knows, but for those who seem to believe with so much determination, there’s a meanness to it all … how tragic. Which may mean that belief in all of this doesn’t necessary meaning anything other than dogma-in-your-face. Better to hold all such things lightly, and enjoy the wonder of it all. For wonder it is.

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