It Seems

It seems every female under thirty
sounds like Miley Cyrus,
even knowledgeable commentators
on events before us;
every female under fifty wants to
look like Ivanka Trump,
every male wants to be somebody tough
— in the eyes of females, bad boys, studly hunks.
Everybody wants to be somebody,
because, in this entertainment culture,
there, seemingly, is no authenticity.
Authentic, a word so great —
authenticus “coming from the
author, genuine…” — Latin Late —
the Author of Life, the one who
is the Word, who said,
“Let us make humanity in our image,”
the Imago Dei,
the image of love,
lived authentically, uniquely
by the creation each and every day.
And so, if we are to be ourselves,
who are we to be?
Who we are already —
our authentic selves — the Love
made for eternity.

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