He Looked Out the Sliding Glass Door

He looked out the sliding glass door,
beyond his yard to the natural depression
next to his backyard neighbors’ house
and saw what looked like sledding

marks. He wondered who could have
made the marks because there aren’t
any children living on that street.
Later, his wife looked out the door

and saw children sliding down the little
hill. She said they must be the grand-
children of the new neighbors. He
didn’t look out but, nevertheless,

he saw a steep toboggan slide through
his closed eyes. Then he saw his
three high school buddies — Russ,
Terry and Big Dennis. They pulled the

sleds back up the hill and Russ and
Terry got on one and he and Big Dennis
got on the other. They took off together
but because of Big Dennis’ three hundred

pounds, the two soon passed Russ and
Terry. He shouted to them, “See you
later, losers.” Then they went for pizza.
He opened his eyes and shook his head

as he thought about Big Dennis who
died of a heart attack ten years
ago thus missing the fiftieth class
reunion. Dennis didn’t miss much.

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