In the Eye of the Beholder

The man hadn’t used the snow
blower in eight years because
he and his wife had always gone
southwest for the winter since

he retired, his wife having retired
two years earlier than he even
though she is four years younger.
He wasn’t sure the blower could

even be put in working order,
it was so old. So, he got out the
snow shovel and started in on the
driveway when his neighbor

darted over with his brand new
snow blower and offered to
clean the driveway. The man
shouted “no” over the roar of the

blower saying that he needed the
exercise. The neighbor was
tenacious. He said, “My wife
sent me out here. She doesn’t

want to see a heart attack in
the driveway.” The man looked
at the neighbor in incredulity
through his thirty-five-year-old

eyes. The neighbor looked back
at a seventy-three-year-old face.
The man wanted to say, “Hey,
my primary thinks this seventy-

three-year-old is in such great
shape he’s really only thirty-five,”
but the neighbor would only think,
“He doth protest too much.”

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