The Fear Under the Conviviality

A cable news network Sunday morning talk
show was filled with
jocularity and conviviality
concerning the presidency
and apparent growing White House lunacy,
but under all the fun
fear and darkness lurked
at how hard the GOP Congress
(retreating representatives and supine senators)
has worked
to grovel and flatter
what some would describe as the Mad Hatter —
an omen,
a worry
of little fingers on a big, red button?
One journalist proffered
that all Republicans may be disturbed
at potential, presidential chaotic combustion
if he is not kept calm (a calm before the storm?)
— the new norm —
like a family drawing near, ever so near
to the one family member they truly fear,
in this case
the Abuser/Belittler-In-Chief,
our growing national disgrace.

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