Last Stands

The (pee)-resident of the
Golden Stream had been on
good behavior for a few
days, it would seem, but
then he dropped the verbal
bomb about immigrants from
“shithole” countries, mean-
ing, of course, given his
racist attacks, countries
populated primarily by
browns and blacks. Is he
speaking for the United
States? He’s talking to
the angry, white, Republican
base — those afraid of any
other race — not knowing
there is just one race, the
human race and which is
scared “shitless” of blacks,
browns, reds and yellows
being in their face. The
base is in a “Custer’s Last
Stand in the Battle of the
Greasy Grass”* stand. Well,
now, we all know how well
that turned out for Custer.
The great white warrior
slipped on his ass in that
greasy grass.

*What the Lakotas call
the Battle of Little
Big Horn.

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