Nipping It In The Bud

Some say the (pee)-resident of the Golden Stream is evil.
Hold on there. That’s pretty strong and easy to say and
the consequences of such a glib accusation could be daunt-

ing kind of like the Salem witch trials. That is like the arm-
chair psychiatrists who attach labels to the guy when he
actually has never ever been analyzed by a professional or

two or three or however many it would take to get the job
done and done correctly. We all have to admit, he is many
things, sad things — infantile, childish in a bad sense,

not the biblical affirmation of being like a child, open
to wonder, selfish, self-absorbed, serial liar, absence
of compassion, vengeful, a bully, definitely a very

short attention span (certainly not long enough to read
this), mean, cruel even and, of course we could go on and
on, except if we are perfectly honest, we can see ourselves

from time to time in a lot of that, maybe just not so much
so much of the time and we certainly wouldn’t put a label
of evil on ourselves and if we were inclined to do so, it

might be a good time to make an appointment to see a
psychiatrist, but what is bothersome is what happens in
the wake of and in response to all his bad behavior, like

group obsequiousness as the dictionary puts it:

servile, ingratiating, sycophantic, fawning,
unctuous, oily, oleaginous, groveling, cringing,
subservient, submissive, slavish; informal: brown-
nosing, bootlicking, smarmy; vulgar, slang: ass-

by the present powers that be to what end you
may ask — in order to appease the (pee)-resident
of the Golden Stream to get more and more of what

they all want which is the retention and greater
accumulation of power which might not be very good
for the country and then we might see small erosions

of the things that “promote the general welfare” to
big erosions of big guarantees like the Bill of Rights
and then democracy fading into fascism and the finger-

pointing at scapegoats and eventually the beginning of
World War III at which point you could justifiably say
that something evil is definitely going on here but, of

course, by then, most of us would be in prison or dead.
Or maybe if we have ears to hear and eyes to see, we
might be able to nip it in the bud and do what Jesus,

Gandhi, MLK, Jr, et. al. did, which was to garner the
courage of non-violent protest with consequences
to themselves be damned.

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