They Shout

They shout,
“Drill, baby, drill,”
day in and day out —
They seem to get
an orgiastic thrill
about “Drill, baby, drill.”
“It’s a Man’s World,”
was the name of the
series on TV
back in the day,
and it was a show about confused,
white, college boys being confused
day after day
and innocence has
turned to hate
and fear and greed
and here and there
a vile double entendre:
“Drill, baby, drill,”
in the salty sea,
in national lands
reserved for you and me.
Drill, rape, screw climate
but they only feign
They grovel before
the throne
and bow before the
donor class
and ask, “May I
kiss your ass?” —
scared, little, lying,
white boys in a
circle jerk
called the Congress.

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