Our Mac Guy

Our Mac guy, not given to patience
with people who just want to get
e-mail, surf and work a blog, like
us, helped us figure out how to add

a name to e-mail on the new I-Pad,
and this over the phone and to give
him the credit he deserves, he, sur-
prisingly, was pretty patient. And

so as the call concluded, I told
him, knowing his political leanings,
that he was the second “stable
genius” in the country, and so he

asked, “Oh, yeah, and who would be
the first?” “I feign from uttering
his name,” said I. “Well, in compar-
ison, that guy makes all of us look

like stable geniuses,” he offered.
I had just gone through my down-
loads as a way of clearing space on
the our computer as recommended

by our Mac guy and came across
the results of an IQ test I took in
2002. They were pretty good.  Such
tests don’t have time restrictions,

so I had lots of time to think through
the answers. I was never very good
at the timed type. Proud of it, I
transferred it to documents. I didn’t

make genius. I didn’t tell our Mac
guy, but did ask my wife, “I think
I’m pretty stable most of the time,
aren’t I, dear?” but she had turned

her attention back to the I-Pad and
our Mac guy impatiently had hung-
up with his speedy, signature sign-
off, “Um, bye-bye,” click.

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