Our Backyard Birds Are Very Smart, a fun little ditty

Our beautiful, backyard birds are very smart.
How do I know this? Let’s start.
I put out the seed,
the birds to feed
and, because it is winter
they did not dither.
They devoured the feed
and looked for more seed.
Seeing the feeder empty
I decided to give them plenty.
As I was about to pour
seed through the open door,
I spied a “Keep It Fresh” packet,
where birds normally flitter and sit.
The seeds were all missing
but the untouched packet was there sitting.
Obviously, our birds have high IQs
having read the instructions through and through,
for upon the packet, once under birds’ feet
in three languages were the words, “Do Not Eat.”
Spanish, “No coma,” French, “No pas manger,”
so, the birds knew in eating there was danger.
I’m so proud of our birds;
I’ve almost run out of words,
so tomorrow with the next seeds
I’ll add a note in words known to Swedes
that says, “All seeds you may eat,”
and I’ll bet Swedish they read
because I won’t find any seed.
They may peck “Tack så mycket,” on the note
giving me an affirmative Swedish vote.

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