In a Czarist Bubble

Melania Antoinette during Davos,
headed sans Donald to Mara-Lagos
to lounge in the spa
for $64,000 taxpayer dolla’.
Meanwhile, brown-shirted ICE
deported a Palestinian man,
a pillar of his community,
we are given to understand,
for nearly forty-years,
increasing all immigrants’
worst fears.
Was there a voice coming
from near a lake
in Switzerland, “Let them
eat cake”?
Was it The Donald, pray tell?
He would want his chocolate cake
and eat it, as well,
while telling immigrants to go to hell.
And such is our presidential couple,
wannabe royals living
in a Czarist bubble
and leading the US into
a constitutional muddle.
It would be funny
if it weren’t so tragic
to awake
to the scare
that our democracy
will up and flee
and we are left with
a Gestapo led nightmare.
A seminary president wrote,
“Fascism and Nazism do not
thrive on a German weakness,
but a human one.”*

*Michael Jinkins in his 01/30/2018
e-newsletter, Thinking Out Loud.

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