The Messages on the Screen/The Behavior in Life

On the larger left side of the
computer screen we read daily
of allegations of sexual harass-
ment and sexual misconduct and
worse and then we read that this
or that celebrity or politician
has been dismissed from some
position because of those alle-
gations. On the smaller right
side of the screen, we see spon-
sored links with many, many
ads meant to attract people to
view the link. Daily, the links
show a lot of attractive young
women with substantial cleavage
as an effort to attract viewing.
Is there a disconnect here? Are
we receiving mixed messages? Is
there evidence that we are still
a Victorian society when it comes
to sex — prudes with prurient
interests? Is this about men in
power doing what they want and
what they think is just fine? On
one hand there is the message,
go for it boys because boys will
be boys; on the other hand, don’t
you dare. Do you think most of
those sponsored sites are de-
signed by men to exploit the
strongest, most basic, physical,
urge as the best way
to get the money?

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