Freezin’ Knees at the Dutch Bakkerij

The man was done with
his mid-winter, morning jog
and entered the local bakery.
The mostly,
blue-haired senior citizens
were all agog
looking at his rosy red knees.
“Hey, doncha’ know it’s freezin’?”
shouted the old Dutchman in his best
“It’s okay to be in shorts.
As long as my head,
hands and feet are warm my
knees can freeze.”
answered the man
in a quick retort.
As the jogger sneezed
into a Kleenex,
he said to himself,
It’s my protest
about not being
in warm, sunny Phoenix.
I won’t give up the shorts
in spite of the old folks’ snorts.
Sitting at the counter,
he placed two warm napkins
on his knees
and asked the waitress
if he could have two more
napkins, please.
With knees warmed
and a stomach full of
hot coffee,
the jogger headed for
the door.
“Hey, what’s youz hurry?
Gunna go out and
jog some more?”
the old Dutchman chortled.
The jogger spun around,
“Heck, there’s not enough
white stuff on the ground.
I’m going out to do my snow dance,”
he said, and whirled and whorled
right out the door.

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